7th NFFC Update #2

7th NFFC Update #2
 Fernie, BC
September 21-26, 2009

Quick Travel Facts:
Here are some travel facts from Tourism Fernie’s website (www.tourismfernie.com):

Closest Airports:

  • 1 hour 15 min drive from the Canadian Rockies International Airport (Cranbrook, British Columbia)
  • 3 hour drive from the CalgaryInternational Airport (Calgary, Alberta)
  • 2 hour drive from the Glacier Park International Airport (Kalispell, Montana)
  • 4 hour drive from the Spokane International Airport (Spokane, Washington)

Approximate Driving Times:

  • Calgary - 3 hrs
  • Spokane - 2 hrs
  • Cranbrook - 1 hr
  • Kimberley - 1.5 hrs
  • Seattle - 8 hrs
  • Edmonton - 6 hrs
  • Vancouver - 10hrs

Competition Headquarters:
The Park Place Lodge and Best Western in Fernie have been designated as the official hotels for the 2009 NFFC. All teams and competitors should sign-in at the front desk at the Best Western on the 19th of September. This will ensure that the organizers have the current contact information and locations for all competitors while they are in Fernie before and during the competition.

Pick-up and drop-off for competition sessions will be in front of the Best Western. Competitors are responsible for providing their own transportation needs during unofficial and official practice sessions.

Competition Venues:
Three sectors of the Elk River will be used for competition. Wading is allowed on the river sector. The 60 day no fishing rule will NOT to apply to the Elk River or lake venues. Competitors can practice on all waters before and up the “no fishing day” - Wednesday the 23rd of September.

Summit Lake will be fished bank-style for one three-hour session (wading is allowed).

Loon Lake will be fished loch-style for one three-hour session. Competitors are required to wear a life jacket whenever they are in a boat.

Eligible Fish and other Preliminary Rule Modifications:

  • The eligible fish are: Cutthroat trout, brook trout, rainbow trout and white fish. Bull trout will be excluded from the competition for conservation reasons.
  • The minimum length of all eligible species caught during the Championship at all sectors is twenty ( 20 ) centimetres measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail (squeezing of the tail is strictly forbidden).
  • All practice and competition sessions are strictly catch & release with the use of throat or stomach pumps being banned. 
  • BC’s ‘single fly only’ law will be in effect on each venue.
  • Fishing is strictly prohibited for all competitors on the “no fishing day”… on any waters!
  • All competitors are required to sanitize all of their fishing and wading gear before leaving their homes for Fernie. This is necessary to help prevent the spread of didymo and water borne diseases.

Here are some recommendations from Trout Unlimited for properly cleaning you equipment:

  • Chlorine (regular household bleach) is a very effective disinfectant, and one of the few that can kill all stages of the Whirling Disease parasite if used at the proper concentration. However, chlorine is a very strong chemical and can harm your equipment with prolonged exposure, so make sure you rinse the chlorine off your waders and other equipment after you disinfect, and dry in the shade.
  • To kill the parasite, use 1 part chlorine to 32 parts water. It must stay in contact for about 10 minutes to assure disinfection.
  • To kill the mature myxospore that may be found in the mud from an infected stream is much more difficult and hard on equipment.
  • Quaternary ammonium compounds are also effective in killing both parasite stages. These disinfectants are commercially available for disinfecting fishing equipment (Bright Water TM) or for the pet/veterinary trade (Roccal-D TM, Parvosol TM).
  • Equally effective is water heated to nearly boiling (200°F) poured over your gear and allowed to cool.

FFC’s general competition rules can be found on FFC’s website (scroll down About to FAQ):

Detailed rule modifications will be published on the FFC website shortly. 

Closing Ceremony Banquet:

There will be a silent and very short live auction at the closing ceremony banquet. Items donated to the auction are always greatly appreciated with the funds raised during going directly to FFC for its youth fly fishing and conservation programs.