5th NFFC Update 23

President Randy Taylor has noted that as individual spaces for the 5th NFFC are filling up fast, those who wish to participate must register soon, which includes paying the registration fee. As registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis, they wish to avoid the possibility of paid-up team members having to fill out their team from among individual registrants because their originally proposed teammates failed to register in time.

Unfortunately, spots cannot be held for members who expect to attend but fail to register before the total of 70 Canadian registrants is reached, as this would be unfair to individual registrants.

Thus far the paid-up teams are:

Airflo Equipe
Drop Your Fly North of 60
Wapiti Wingers

Todd Oishi has created some very entertaining slide shows on last year’s WFFC in Portugal, the 4th NFFC in Elora/Fergus, the US Nationals in Colorado, and the Commonwealth Championship in Wales. You may view them at:


Bob Jones
PR Geezer