5th NFFC Update 25

The ranks of legendary Canadian fly fishers has been further thinned by the passing yesterday (1 April 2007) of Ken Ruddick, 87, the founder of Ruddick’s Fly Shop. He will be remembered for his many contributions to the sport of fly fishing in British Columbia and to the art of fly tying.

The following 13 teams are currently registered for Grande Prairie:

  • Competition Kakisa
  • Double Hauls
  • Drop Your Fly North of 60
  • Equipe Airflow
  • Henderson
  • L’equipe EnDiable
  • Les Chiens D’eau
  • Mustang
  • NWT
  • Ospreys
  • Stillwaters Solutions
  • VIP Casters
  • Wapiti Wingers

Thanks to Luke Dotto, who sent a couple of URLs that he suggests might prove useful to Youth Team Canada members: www.classictrout.com/ for historical background and www.cffcm.net/gallery/gallery.htm to provide in idea of the type of waters they will encounter in Pennsylvania. I went on both this morning and wasted far too much time on the Classic Trout site, which offers a wealth of historical information about many well-known pioneers of fly fishing. Both are well worth visiting. I am still trying to track down Matthew Paul’s e-mail address.

Bob Jones
PR Geezer