5th NFFC Update 27

FFC Youth Team Chairman Bob Sheedy is pleased to announce the names of 2007 Youth Team Canada, which will be competing in the 6th FIPS-Mouche Youth World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium at State College, Pennsylvania, on 3-10 August. Applications and resumes were received from across Canada, and the qualifications of each were impressive, to say the least. Selected by a selected team of judges were John Bransfield (Calgary, Alta.), Michael Lennox (Ottawa, Ont.), Robert Lennox (Ottawa, Ont.), Jordan Mackie (Comox, BC), David Nonomura (Mississauga, Ont.), and James Reid (Chelsea, Que.). Mackie, Bransfield and the Lennox brothers competed at the 5th YWFFC in Portugal last year. Canada finished last in the field of 10 countries. Individual gold, silver and bronze medals went to France, Portugal and the Czech Republic, and team medals to France, Czech Republic and Portugal.

This is the first time that the YWFFC will be held in North America. It will see competitors aged 13 to 18 from around the world competing in a catch-and-release fly fishing competition on four local waters, and partaking in other activities that will include fly tying, visits to conservation sites, and local sightseeing.

Recently posted on the FFC web site were reports written by three of last year's Youth Team Canada members about their experiences in Portugal. www.flyfishingcanada.net

* * * * * *

FFC President Randy Taylor has announced a call to arms for a Canadian team to compete in the US National Championships at Boulder, Colorado, on 2-6 October 2007. If you have competed in an FFC National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium and have a Canadian passport, you are eligible to apply. Applications should be sent to Randy at rt@LWLaw.com no later than 24 May 2007. For further details about this event, please visit www.nationalflyfishingchampionship.com/

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Randy Taylor and FFC National Competitions Chairman John Beaven recently visited Grande Prairie to meet with the 5th NFFC Local Organizing Committee. Both returned pleased and excited about the way everything is shaping up. A major change that was made during their visit was to cap the number of teams at 14 rather than the original 16, which will improve the logistics of moving the teams around.

As of today, there are 13 teams registered, of which 11 are complete. One team is short two members, the other is short one. There are five individual members who have registered, plus four who have not yet paid, so remain unregistered. Theoretically, it appears like we have a full slate.

Current Team and Members


Robert Halifax
Raymond Moher
Gerald Polack, Captain
Russell Slemko
Joseph Wachowich

Sorin Comsa
Brian Duffy
Matt Major
Dino Petrelli
Byron Shepherd, Captain


Mike Fournier
Brian Heppelle, Captain
Lisa Lowman
Gordon Van Tighem
NT Youth Representative


Clint Goyette
Jim Iredale, Captain
Denis Landreville


Mark Anderson
John Beaven
John Huff
Randy Taylor, Captain
Donald Thom


Randy Gordey
Hugh Henderson, Captain
Tanner Henderson
Greg Henderson
Cory Henderson


Claude Bedard
Tom Irvine, Captain
Bernard Lacasse
Stephane Malhiot
Mark Skursky


Gord Bacon, Captain
Norman Godding
Chris Pfohl
Trevor Welton
Wayne Yoshizawa


Art Barnes
Darin Benoit
Terence Courtereille
John Nishi
Todd Pittman
Mac Stark, Captain


Ivo Balinov
Ernie Kalwa, Captain
Graham Murfitt
Ian Scott
Arron Varga


Brian Chan
Todd Oishi, Captain
Phil Rowley
Kathy Ruddick


Harold (Joie) Coe
Peter Huyghebaert, Captain
Kevin Reid
Ron Schiefke
Sunny Vanderkloof


Jim Epp
Scott Fitzpatrick
Terry Sheepy
Terry Taylor, Captain
Rick Telford


Jason Doucette
Jonathan Furigay
Jeanne Jenkins
Tyler Mason
Matthew Paul
Nino Petralia
Tyson Reiser
Flo Rule
Susan Webber

A reminder to those who are new to these updates: Previous updates are available on the FFC web site at www.flyfishingcanada.net and if you ever wish to have your name deleted, just hit reply and let me know.