5th NFFC Update 30

24 June 2007

The 27th World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium is now history. It was held at Kemi, Finland, on 13-20 June 2007. Twenty- two countries were in attendance with a total of 117 competitors. The final team standings were:

1. France
2. Czech Republic
3. Finland
4. Portugal
5. Spain
6. United States of America
7. England
8. Italy
9. Australia
10. Slovakia
11. Republic of South Africa
12. Bosnia & Herzegovina
13. Scotland
14. Poland
15. Norway
16. Croatia
17. Romania
18. Belgium
19. Slovenia
20. Netherlands
21. Ireland
22. Canada.

Members of the top three teams were presented with medals of gold, silver and bronze, respectively. Individual medal winners were: gold, Marek Walczyk (Poland), silver, Eric Lelouvier (France), bronze, Antonin Pesek (Czech Republic).

Team Canada’s individual standings were:

31. John Nishi (Millarville, Alta.)
97. Todd Oishi (Maple Ridge, BC)
99. Ernie Kalwa (Elora, Ont.)
103. Thomas Irvine (Gravenhurst, Ont.)
106. Terrence Coutoreille (Hay River, NWT).
The Team Captain was Gordon Bacon of Kamloops, BC.


Marc Visconti recently e-mailed that this year’s Ausable Two-Fly was the largest yet with 80 competitors of both sexes and all ages. “The morning of The Ausable Two-Fly broke cold and cloudy,” wrote Marc. “Not the most ideal conditions, but I figured that considering my successes years earlier I would be able to pick up a few fish. I was partnered with a young man by the name of Paul Huchco who was completely deaf, and while I know a bit of sign language he could only read lips. Communication with Paul was difficult at times but he was a great partner and decent fly caster, and the both of us managed a few laughs despite a lack of fish. That’s right: a lack of fish. Nine hours and 15 minutes worth as a matter of fact.

“At 4.15 pm I was sitting on the banks of the river, a little disappointed and spun out when a fish started to rise in front of my very eyes. Two gentlemen who had enjoyed the fruits of the pool but had lost both of their flies hours before, invited Paul and I in to try our luck. I stood in that water for 15 minutes without making a cast. Instead, I stared and stared at a fish across river, plotting my course of action, when I noticed there was a fish rising not 20 feet from me. I decided to clip off my streamer and put on my second fly -- a modified Hendrickson emerger I invented myself. It was a good choice. I hooked and landed the fish on my second cast. That one and only fish won third place in the pro division and was the biggest fish of the tournament -- 22 inches.”

When the dust had finally settled, Marc’s efforts had raised $1,160 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada, for which he passes on his heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed.


FFC President Randy Taylor and National Competitions Chairman John Beaven visited Mount Tremblant, Quebec, for two days in early June to check out the 6th NFFC site with local organizing committee members Jim Iredale, Denis Landreville and Pierre Beauregard. In a follow-up e-mail to them, Randy was quite complimentary about the facilities, fishing possibilities, and community support, and wrote that they were both impressed by the obvious dedication of the organizing committee and the progress that has been made thus far. However, I must admit to being shocked to the very core by John Beaven’s revelation that they never wet a line while there. I didn’t think either one of them ever travelled anywhere without at least their Swiss Army Rods.


From Grande Prairie, Jim Epp recently advised that they now have a full compliment of speakers for the 5th NFFC Conservation Symposium. Included will be:

Don Pike, Chairman, Alberta Conservation Association (the main funding agency for habitat projects and research in Alberta), who is also a former Chairman of Trout Unlimited Canada and still quite involved.

Craig Johnson, District Biologist, Department of Sustainable Resources, Fish & Wildlife Division.

Dr. Darryl Smith, local advocate for recreational fishing and fisheries conservation, recipient of the DFO 1992 Recreational Fisheries Award.

Brian Chan, Vice President, Sport Fishing Division, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

Once Jim has their topics we will post them on the FFC web site www.flyfishingcanada.net

Bob Jones
PR Geezer