6th NFFC Update #3

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Hello fellow anglers,

I humbly take over the task of “the Pr Geezer” to provide you with the coveted “updates” for the Nationals, formerly issue of the desk of Bob Jones. Get well soon Bob. As general coordinator for this year’s event I am proud and honored to inform you that I have been working with a great team of dedicated volunteers. The organizing committee (O.C.) has been busy with planning and financing since last June when two esteemed reps of the FFC visited the venues here in Mont-Tremblant.

Those of you who attended the event in Grand Prairie last year had an introduction to our plans at the closing banquet. This update is being sent to all those who have registered either as a volunteer or competitor as well as to past competitors, members of past O.C’s, FFC bigwigs, smallwigs and any other trout bums who have made it onto my email group. To those of you I have missed, apologies, please advise me of your email address if you get this message indirectly.

I have had a number of FAQ’s that I will answer here. I will not answer any questions on an individual basis as it is far too time consuming. I will answer any further questions in following updates. Please be sure to read the information on this and past national events on the FFC website www.flyfishingcanada.net the rules for the event are also linked there to the FIPS mouche website. Any rule modifications will be forthcoming in the updates, so pay attention! Except for rule modifications I will not answer any questions pertaining to FIPS mouche rules.

Here are the answers to the FAQ’s:

The Organizing Committee: The host for this year’s event is the Club des Moucheurs EnDiables. www.moucheursendiables.com . The club has existed for ten years and primarily exists to stock the riviere de la Diable with brown and brook trout. The club also has ongoing trail and stream improvement programs. For almost 50 years beginning in 1880 the river was subject to a logging drive. Some say this is where the river got its name, as it was a “Devil” of a waterway to drive logs. In local slang the river is known as “la Yab”. The river had been stocked since the 1950’s by the provincial government with brown and brook trout, but with decreasing budgets this stocking program became non existent. It is through the efforts of the club that a viable sport fishery now exists. In 2005 the club was successful in having a 5 kilometer section of the river designated fly fishing only. This is the only open access fly fishing only river in the province of Quebec. We are very proud of this achievement. Along with me, Denis Landreville, Bernard Dalbec, Pierre Beauregard, Alain Monast, and Andre Belisle are looking forward to greeting all of you this September.

Fishing Venues;

We will be fishing three different lakes and two different sections of river. The two sections of the riviere Diable, upper and lower, will be divided into beats for two competitors each. The beats will be set hours before the first practice sessions, and so the competition waters will not be subject to the 60 day rule as set out in the Fips mouche rules. The lake venues are all located in the Pourvoirie Baroux leasehold www.pourvoirie-baroux.com . The lakes are lac Vinet, (brook trout) lac du Cap, brook trout) and lac Renversie, (brook and rainbow trout). These lakes will be subject to the 60 day rule so no fishing after July 10th for competitors. There are adjacent lakes on the territory for practice during this time. The competition lakes are part of a string of headwater lakes and are regularly well stocked for a put and take fishery. Lac Vinet is the headwater and has a maximum depth of 18 meters. Lac du cap and lac Renversie are 15 and 13 meters respectively. The O.C. intends to petition the FFC for a rule change to allow anchored boats for lac Vinet and lac du Cap. Two anchors, will be provided in each boat if the rule change is granted. Lac Renversie will be drift fishing (loch style) as per fips mouche rules. The section of the river we will be fishing is subject to a provincial regulation that does not allow sinking lines or leaders on fly fishing only waterways. Any weight must be within the dressing of the fly. Up to 4mm bead heads are allowed as per Fips mouche rules. These rule mods. will be written in the event rule book to be provided by FFC. FFC may advise the competitors ahead of time through these updates or by posting them on the FFC website.


The Grand Lodge www.legrandlodge.com located on lac Ouimet ( bass and muskie) in the city of Mont-Tremblant will be the headquarter venue for the event. There is a form on the FFC web site for booking rooms at the Lodge. An event rate has been established for the event and you must use the form to book your accommodation. The rooms are one bedroom condo units complete with full kitchens two bathrooms, fireplace, balcony, and sleep three adults in individual beds. Two units share a common private vestibule and so are ideal for a team. If you haven’t already done so book your rooms now. The O.C. will not act as consierge to your needs! The bar will be well stocked with single malt. Smoking on the balcony only.


All transportation will be provided by the O.C. during the competition days. Competitors will be responsible for their own transportation during the two official practice days. During the competition days competitors will not have access to the competition venues with their own vehicles. The transportation to the venues will depart from the Grand Lodge only at the specified times. If you miss the bus, you sit out the session.

Competitors: There are currently 60 competitors registered including 8 completed teams a couple of incomplete teams and 17 individuals many of whom who have competed in the past. We are limited to 80 competitors and while we will not refuse late comers I strongly encourage you to register now if you haven’t done so already. Encourage your fishing buddies as well! We have at least one American competitor registered so far and are hoping for more. A complete American team would be welcome.


All volunteers, and journalists will be accommodated free of charge at the Domaine St. Bernard. www.domainesaintbernard.org . The O.C. is looking for volunteers who are willing to commit for four days. The Domaine boarders the competition waters of the river, and one of the best runs is a twenty minute walk on beautiful cross country trails. Volunteers will be able to fish after the days’ competition. Volunteers are welcome starting Sunday the 7th of September. Volunteers will check out on Saturday the 13th of September. Your stay cannot be extended at the Domaine as it is booked for another event.

Lunches: Box lunches will be provided for all competitors and volunteers for the competition days of Thursday and Friday.

Fishing permits;

All competitors must have a valid fishing permit. Permits are readily available. Game wardens too!

International participation;

We welcome all international competitors, however this is a national event and so the scoring for individual medals is open to Canadians only. Team medals are open to all. Bragging rights will be granted to any worthy individual regardless of nationality.

Schedule of events;

While you are welcome to arrive at any time, the official schedule is as follows:

Pick up competitors package at the tourism office as of Saturday the 6th of September. www.tourismemonttremblant.com

Sunday 7th of September there will be an info table set up at the Grand Lodge.

Monday 8th of September: official practice day. The competition lakes and river beats will be open for fishing. 6am to 8pm

Tuesday 9th of September: official practice day. The competition lakes and river beats will be open for fishing. 6am to 8pm

Wednesday 10th of September:

  • No fishing on competition waters.
  • Team strategy, fly tying, general preparation for competitors
  • All day training for volunteers.
  • Mayor’s cocktail and official event opening at city hall. 5pm
  • Transportation will be provided from the Grand Lodge.
Thursday 11th of September AM. Session #1 Depart for comp. waters from the Grand Lodge at: 7am
    Return to Grand Lodge as required at: 12pm
  PM. Session#2 Depart for comp. waters from Grand Lodge at: 1pm
    Return to Grand Lodge at:6pm
Friday 12th of September AM. Session #3 Depart for comp. waters from the Grand Lodge at: 7am
    Return to Grand Lodge as required at: 12pm
  PM. Session#4 Depart for comp. waters from Grand Lodge at: 1pm
    Return to Grand Lodge at: 6pm
Saturday 13th of September AM. Session #5 Depart for comp. waters from the Grand Lodge at: 7am
    Return to Grand Lodge at: 12pm
  All Day Trade show open to public, the Grand Lodge
  PM. Conservation Symposium at: 2pm to: 5pm, the Grand Lodge
    Closing banquet and awards ceremony and FFC auction at 7pm, the Grand Lodge


1. As per FIPS mouche rules competitors must have one hour to prepare at the fishing venue. The fishing session is a three hour period without breaks. We have allowed for a half hour traveling time each way and the one hour prep period before each session. Depending on the draw some competitors may choose to stay at the lake venues and avoid the traveling, some will have to return to fish the river venues. The river is ten minutes from the Grand Lodge.

2. The Conservation symposium will bring together three professional panelists and a well known moderator.
The theme for the symposium will be “ Fish as a water quality indicator…from the source to the St.Lawrence“The conservation symposium will be open to the public. All competitors must attend the symposium. Points will be deducted from individual and team scoring for non compliance. The Symposium will be held in French and translated simultaneously.

Good angling, tight lines,

Jim Iredale
General Coordinator
6th National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium 2008