2009 7th NFFC, Fernie BC

I’m pleased to share with you - hot off Todd O’s press (thanks Todd!) - the preliminary schedule of events for the 7th Annual FFC National Fly Fishing Championship & Conservation Symposium to be held from September 21st to September 26th, 2009 in Fernie, British Columbia.  Electronic registration for the 7th NFFC competitors and volunteers will be up and running on the FFC website

7th NFFC, Fernie, BC
September 21-26, 2009.

Sat, Sept 19:
Competitors package (sign-in forms, laminated name tags, maps of the venues, official programme, goodie bags, local merchant's coupons, etc...) available for pick up at the official competition hotel/head-quarters. This will allow the tracking of which competitors and teams have arrived, and to co-ordinate an introduction between any competitors that arrive as individuals wishing form a team with other individuals.

Monday, Sept 21:
First official practice day (competition boats to be available at the lake for the official practice days. Competitors will alternate between venues and apply for a time-slot for the boats to allow equal access and to avoid conflicts. Controllers and judges are not required for practice sessions)

Tuesday, Sept 22:
Second official practice day (competitors will again alternate between venues and apply for a time-slot for the boats to allow equal access and to avoid conflicts)

Wednesday, Sept 23:
No fishing on competition waters. This day is typically used for team strategy meetings, fly tying and general preparation for competitors, volunteers and organizers.

  • 12pm: Training for volunteers, controllers and sector judges (FFC representatives will be present to help with clarification and questions concerning the rules and procedures).
  • 2pm: Captain's meeting for the drawing of groups and beats and to discuss the rules of this competition and any modifications to the rules.
  • 5pm: Organizing Committee’s 'meet & greet' BBQ for competitors and volunteers, team photos, and opening ceremonies

Thursday, Sept 24:
First day of competition - sessions 1 and 2 (morning and afternoon sessions)

Friday, Sept 25:
Second day of competition - sessions 3 and 4 (morning and afternoon sessions)

Saturday, Sept 26:
Last day of competition - session 5 (morning session only).

  • 3pm to 5pm: Conservation Symposium.
  • 6pm: Closing banquet and awards ceremony and FFC auction.

Sunday, Sept 27:
Depart for home.