FFC8 Update 2

Hi Folks,

I've had some really good questions over the past few days. Rather than answer the

individuals who sent the questions directly, I thought others may also have similar


1. Are the rules for the event available?

Yes. The official rules are available in PDF format here:

Please bear in mind that there will probably be some modifications to the rules that take

into consideration local law and regulations as well as local conditions.  Rule

modifications will be published prior to the event.

2. Are drogues allowed and if so, are they provided?

Yes. Drogues will be allowed and will be provided by the organizers of the event.

3. How do I add register additional members to my team?

Please use the registration form on the FFC website:

4. Will there be boats on the practice venues?

I have been told that the organizers will be providing boats on the practice waters.

5. Are boat seats allowed?

Competitors must remain seated on the fitted boat seats or thwart boards, but may use a

cushion with a maximum thickness of ten (10) centimetres.

*** A personal observation in regard to this question - if you have never used a thwart

board before, and won't be able to get in daily practice using a thwart board, regular

horseback riding prior to the competition will definitely help you in avoiding discomfort

after hours of sitting on a thwart board. If you don't have a horse available, bicycle

riding would probably make a good substitute.

You may also want to add epsom salts to your luggage and fight over the bathtub with your

team members. ***

That's it for now.  Thank you for the great questions!

Ian Scott