FFC8 Update 3

Hi Folks,

First a quick apology to those of you that received multiple copies of the last update. I apologise for that and I'm still learning the tricks and tips of the newsletter and update management tools.

I received some sad news today. Many of you know Wayne Yoshizawa, the Captain of Team Mustang.  I would urge you to read the following which I received from Todd Oishi today and then sending along your best wishes to Wayne if you are unable to visit him.

"I am not sure if you have heard the unfortunate news, but our dear friend Wayne Yoshizawa (Captain of Team Mustang) went into the hospital on January 25th for back surgery and had some complications due to the surgery. Wayne called me from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and told me that as a result of the surgery, he is now paralyzed on his right side and can't move his right arm or hand and leg, and that he is unable to walk at this time.

He is at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver (if you wish to visit him or send your wishes for a speedy recouvery), where they specialize in spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation/therapy. Wayne is in good hands and seems optimistic as he told me that he has feeling in his right side, but no movement at point in time.

Here's a link to the GF Strong's website for directions and/or contact information:  http://gfstrong.vch.ca/

Please keep Wayne in your thoughts and join me in praying for a full and speedy recouvery for Wayne!"

I can't say it any better than Todd and hope you will keep Wayne and his family in your thoughts at this time.

Best Regards,
Ian Scott