FFC8 Update #7 - Venue Announcement

Hi Folks,


This is the announcement you've all been waiting for! 

The FFC8 Competition & Practice Listings have been posted to the FFC website, here.

 Lakes and Qualifying Species
Twin Lakes – Tiger Trout only
East Goose Lake – Trout Species + Walleyes
Spear Lake – Trout Species + Walleyes
Patterson Lake – Trout Species Only
Tokaryk Lake – Trout Species Only

The Practice Lakes are:
West Goose Lake – Trout Species + Yellow Perch (practice only)
Sandy Lake – Walleyes + yellow perch
Pybus Lake- Trout Species (Includes Tiger Trout)
Corstorphone Lake – Trout Species

The Rule modifications will be posted shortly upon discussion and approval by the FFC board


Best Regards,


Ian Scott