FFC9 #2 - Venue Information

Hi Folks,


I've received the following information from Randy Taylor about the venues and accomodations for the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships in 2011:

The venues will be:

Lac Otter (Lac de la Loutre)
Lac Mills
Lac Taunton
Lac Sugarbush
Lac Green (Lac Vert)

All are rainbow trout lakes, although the occasional brown trout shows
up in these lakes. Eligible species will be rainbow trout, brown trout
and brook trout.  All sessions will be by drifting boat.  Rule mods will
be posted in the spring, but nothing unusual is expected.  The 60 day
rule will apply (until official practice, when venue boats will be
allocated to teams and the venues can be fished during competition

The fishing is often spectacular this time of year, but the mornings can
be a bit chilly the days are short.  With this mind, we hope to run the
comp sessions 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm, but if we can shorten the mid-day
break between sessions and start the afternoon sessions at 2:45 or even
2:30, we will.  Sunset is shortly after 6pm. 

The Preliminary Basic Schedule (subject to refinement as we move
forward) is as follows -

Monday, Oct 17th, am - arrivals, registration
Monday, Oct 17th, pm - afternoon practice
Tuesday, Oct 18th - all day practice
Wednesday, Oct 19th am - practice until noon
Wednesday, Oct 19th pm - Conversation Symposium; captain's meeting; meet
& greet welcome gathering; a 'no fishing' break
Thursday, Oct 20th - competition sessions 1 & 2
Friday, Oct 21st - competition sessions 3 & 4
Saturday, Oct 22nd am - final competition session
Saturday Oct 22nd pm - closing banquet and related festivities 
Volunteers will be based in Papineau cabin, a beautiful (and gigantic!)
lodge-type cabin within the Kenauk reserve.  The captain's meeting,
conservation symposium will be held there and it will serve as the
social centre for all.  Scores will be posted there in the evenings.

Another 12 cabins within the Kenauk reserve have been set aside for
competitors - ie. one for each team. There term 'cabin' is a bit
misleading - while they run on propane and solar, they are really (and I
mean REALLY) nice and comfortable, and most come with their own private
lake.  Each cabin has at least five beds.  They do, however, come in
different sizes - smaller, one bedroom types (Taunton, Mills, Commandant
and Hatchery); mid-sized, two bedroom types (Rough, Pumpkinseed, Hidden
and Muskrat), large, three bedroom types (Sugarbush, Cedar and Green)
and absolutely huge (Pine).

FFC has worked out discounted team rates for the week of the competition
(6 nights - in on Monday; out on Sunday).

*       $1,800 (or $60/day, or $360/wk, per person) for the smaller
*       $2, 100 ($70/day, or $420/wk per person) for mid-sized;
*       $2,400 ($80/day, or $480/wk, per person) for large; and
*       $3,000 ($100/day, or $600/wk per person) for Pine.

Additional accommodations are available in the village of Montebello,
but none will match the beauty and experience of staying at Kenauk. It
truly is a special place.    

Reservations for Kenauk cabins can be made at any time after 9am on
November 1st, 2010 by calling the Kenauk office - (819) 423-5832.  



Ian Scott