FFC9 #7 - Several Items

Hi Folks,

 I hope everyone is getting excited about Kenauk! It's only 2 weeks away Unfortunately, I personally will not be able to attend but am hoping to be in touch with a number of competitors to see how things are going.

There are a few items that we want to make you aware of:

1. There is a webpage on the Fly Fishing Canada website which contains helpful information about the venue include a description of the lakes and a map.


2. Rule Modifications have been posted. You can find those here:


3. For those of you on Facebook (I have a love/hate relationship with the thing), there is now a Fly Fishing Canada Facebook page that has been set up. This was kindly set up by John Nishi and is another great way to look for announcements and share information on the "wall." Just don't hit your head against it. 

You can find the Facebook page here:


4. Competitor Vacancies:

As reported on the Facebook, 4 competitor spots have become available. If you weren't able to get your application in until after all the spots had been filled up previously, this your opportunity to try again!

5. Auction - Help Todd Out!

As most of you know, Fly Fishing Canada holds an auction at the end of the event in order to raise money for Youth Fly Fishing activities and promotion as well as conservation projects. Todd Oishi has been appointed the Official Auctionable Items Collection Manager. In an email he sent around in case you did not receive it, he writes,

"I would also like to continue promoting the traditional, friendly-spirited "Team Challenge", in which we have the captain of each team presents a personal item to represent their team and/or specific region of Canada or the country of their origin. Donations from past team challenges have included items such as; regional box of flies, local paintings, fish sculptures, custom-built rods, life vests, fly reels, fly boxes, books, etc.... (try to be creative and have fun with this challenge!!!)"

As well as raising funds, this auction can be a lot of fun too. Todd has a tough job, so help him out and start to think about what you can donate, right now. Give it some thought and then let Todd know how you can help him. His email address is toishis@uniserve.com.

That's it for now, folks!

Ian Scott