Update #19 - FFC Website & Oceania Fly Fishing Championship Updates

Accolades have been rolling in, telling me what a fine job I did on the web site. Hello? To give you some indication of my knowledge and expertise about anything technical, suffice to say that if anything goes amiss with my computer, I promptly turn it over to Vera and go into hiding until the problem is resolved. If it can’t be fixed by hitting it with increasingly larger hammers, don’t let me anywhere near it.

The man who put it all together is Garry Brownrigg, who just happens to do this sort of thing for a living at SohoPortal.com Inc., which is located in the wilds of Ottawa. Please direct your compliments, comments, complaints and suggestions to him via the web site by clicking the “Contact Us” button, then go to “Department” and click the “Webmaster” button. The other bottons are explicit, and I can be reached via the “Media Inquiries” button.

As expected, the feedback started almost immediately (last night), and as it arrived most was addressed as quickly as possible. This included adding the 1st NFFC standings, late entries to the Conservation Symposium section, and an overlooked sponsor. Some new sections have also been added today, and this sort of thing will be continuing as everyone plays catch-up and provides Garry with their input.

In the meantime, I have been informed that the Individual, Team and Volunteer Registration forms for the 5th NFFC willbe on line within the next 10 days.

Earlier this afternoon, Randy Taylor received a voicemailfrom Donald Thom to say that while Team Canada didn’t place in the running for the Oceania Fly Fishing Championship, that two members made it into the top 10: John Beaven was 9th and Donald Thom made 10th. Congratulations to both!