Update #1

This is a mixed bag update. First, let me introduce the new Fly Fishing Canada board of directors:

  • President: Randy Taylor, Kanata, Ontario
  • Chairman, Senior Teams: Gordon Bacon, Kamloops, BC
  • Chairman, National Competitions: John Beaven, Parksville, BC
  • Chairman, Sponsorship: Mac Stark, Yellowknife, NWT
  • Chairman of the Board: Jack Simpson, Cobourg, Ontario

And now for the Site Investigation Committee (SIC), which is tasked with contacting potential host sites, and then passing on the information to the board of directors:

  • Maritimes: Paul Marriner, Mahone Bay, NS
  • Quebec: Jim Iredale, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
  • Ontario: Don Moore, Oakville, Ontario
  • Prairies: Bob Sheedy, Roblin, Manitoba
  • Alberta, BC, Yukon: Bob Jones, Courtenay, BC

This is not an intentional snub of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Mac Stark, a long-time resident who lives in Yellowknife, informed us at the outset that none of the communities could handle the accommodations.

Although the 2007 FFC National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium will be held in Alberta, the FFC board of directors recently decided that the proposed Calgary/Bow River site was not viable. Three alternate sites were originally suggested -- Grande Prairie, Rocky Mountain House, and the Crowsnest River area -- so appointed FFC members have been busy making the necessary contacts and checking out these sites.

It’s hoped that a final decision will be reached by the end of this month. As the 2007 event is tentatively scheduled for late September, there should be ample time for most to plan ahead.

The 6th NFFC at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, in 2008 is shaping up well. Attached to this update is a copy of the En Diables Fly Fishing Club newsletter in French, plus an excerpt in English, concerning a local fly-fishing competition that they have scheduled for 6 September 2006. Jim Iredale suggests that visiting the following web sites will provide some excellent insight to what the Mont-Tremblant area has to offer:

Thanks to some preliminary work by Jeanne Jenkins, the 7th NFFC is scheduled for Prince Edward Island in 2009. In the meantime, Paul Marriner is checking out potential sites in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

It has been suggested that BC should host the 2010 event as it will coincide with the Winter Olympics. With this thought in mind, we have a tentative bid from Campbell River, plus feelers out to Whistler and Kamloops. Bob Sheedy will be checking on a possible return event in the Manitoba Parklands, and Don Moore has feelers out to Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

A tip of the fisherman’s fedora to Youth Team Canada for a valiant try at the Youth World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium that was held last month in Portugal. According to Jack Simpson, it was the most difficult competition water he had ever seen, anywhere. It was all tiny creeks, and as the luck of the draw went, Canada often had some of the toughest beats. They were also competing against some well trained and highly skilled young anglers, for the European teams fish competitively all year round.


1. France
2. Czech Republic
3. Portugal
4. Spain
5. USA
6. England A
7. England B
8. Italy
9. Ireland
10. Canada

1. Nicolas Siry France
2. Jorge Reis Portugal
3. Jarodiav Masek Czech Republic
38. Jordan Mackie Canada
44. Dustin Styner Canada
47. Robert Lennox Canada
48. John Bransfield Canada
50. Michael Lennox Canada
51. Lucas Dotto Canada

Congratulations to John Nishi and Todd Oishi, who recently walked away with the first place for partners at this year’s Trojan Pond Fly Fishing Tournament, and to Gord Bacon and Wayne Yoshizawa, who came second. This is an annual event that is held near Logan Lake, BC., and usually attracts some of the best fly fishers in the province.

After about six years in the mill, “A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns” is finally available through mail order only. It’s a handsome 9x11-inch, spiral-bound hardcover edition with 240 pages and over 1,600 fly patterns. You can read all of the glowing comments that have been written about this book on the Fly Fishing Canada web site: www.flyfishingcanada/net or at www.galesendpress.com

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Bob Jones
PR Geezer