Update #10

A couple of questions were received last week:

Q. In case I have to cancel my registration would I be receiving my money back? What is the organizers' policy on this?

A. The official word is: "A refund of paid registration fees (less a $50 cancellation fee) is available if FFC is notified of the cancellation prior to 1 April 2007. After 1 April 2007, there will be no refunds, but registration funds are transferable at any time to a new registrant who replaces the person who can't make it on such person's team."

In other words, if you must cancel after 1 April 2007, if you can arrange for someone to take your place, he/she may pay the registration fee to you, then simply take over your slot.

Q. Are their any books available about competitive fishing?

A. Yes. "Stillwater Fly Fishing -- Tools and Tactics" by Paul C. Marriner. Available at Gale's End Press as a book or CD www.galesendpress.com. Paul has attended 11 World Fly Fishing Competitions: as a Team Canada member in Tasmania, Finland, Wales, New Zealand and Italy, and as Team Canada Captain in Norway, Czech Republic, Ireland and England. He also attended the WFFC at

Kamloops as a Fly Fishing Canada staff member, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as a journalist and unofficial team assistant. I mention this to illustrate that Paul gets around a lot, and wherever he goes he fly fishes, observes, asks questions, swaps flies and information, shoots a lot of photographs, and usually learns some very productive new techniques. Which is what this work is all about.

Also available is a CD: "Competitive Fly Fishing Techniques with Major Vince Gwilym", compiled and narrated by Bob Sheedy. Vince, who lives in England, has been involved with competitive fly fishing since the early 1950s. During the 1st FFC National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium held at Russell, Manitoba, in 2003, he coached the gold-medal-winning team (Equipe Airflo). He also conducted a series of workshops that proved a highlight of the event. Local trout guru Bob Sheedy very wisely taped the workshops, which he edited into a 57-minute DVD as a fund-raiser for FFC.

The former sales manager of Airflo Fly Lines, Vince makes long, accurate casts with unbelievable ease. In the video he reveals how he does this, along with dozens of tips on the medal-winning tactics and techniques he learned during the heat of competition, most of which will prove useful in everyday fly fishing. The "secret" to being an effective competitor is to enjoy the fishing and camaraderie, but if you can gain advantage over your boat- or beat-mate, by all means do it. And he demonstrates some diabolically funny ways accomplish this. Check it out at www.flyfishingcanada.net.

While seven of the proposed teams are still building -- the Featherweights and Team X are only one short -- four are complete.

Brian Duffy
Dino Petrelli
Byron Sheppard
Matt Major
Sorin Comsa

Mark Anderson
John Beaven
John Huff
Graham Murfitt
Randy Taylor
Donald Thom

Gord Bacon (Captain)
Norm Godding
Chris Pfohl
Trevor Welton
Wayne Yoshizawa

Art Barnes
Terence Courtoreille
Brian Heppelle
Austin Marshall
John Nishi
Todd Pittman
Mac Starke (Captain)


Bob Jones
PR Geezer