Update #13

Like many of you I have been visiting the Fly Fishing Canada web site daily, hoping to see something other than last year's news posted there. Unlike most of you, I know the reason why: Bureaucracy. A decision was made to hand the web site over from Bob Sheedy to Garry Brownrigg, but apparently one can 't do this without jumping through various hoops concerning the domain name. Being a card-carrying Neanderthal I have no idea what all of this actually entails, but I do know that no one is more frustrated by the delay than Garry. Once the red tape is dealt with, the web site will appear. Sooner, one hopes, than later.

In the meantime we have two more teams complete -- the VIP Casters and Les Chiens D'eau -- and Team X is now officially named Ladies of the Line. Sunny Vanderkloof decided to join the VIP Casters, so the former Team Grand is no longer in the running. That works out to eight teams complete -- nine if Todd Oishi ever reveals the Mustang's mystery member's identity -- and four teams still recruiting. In the latter case, each team captain's e-mail address follows his name. If interested in joining, drop them a line.

Double Hauls
Brian Duffy
Dino Petrelli
Byron Shepherd (Captain)
Matt Major
Sorin Comsa

Drop Your Fly North of 60
Brian Heppelle (Captain)
Gordon Van Tighem
Lisa Lowman
Sonja Boucher
Mike Fournier

Equipe Airflo
Mark Anderson
John Beaven
John Huff
Graham Murfitt
Randy Taylor (Captain)
Donald Thom

Brenda Atherne
Dilrukshi Perera
Ian Troup (Captain) ian.troup@td.com

Ladies of the Line
Chari Cohen
Silvia D'Amelio
Fran Friesen (spare)
Jeanne Jenkins (Captain)
Flo Rule
Sarah Russell

Les Chiens D'eau
Tom Irvine (Captain)
Stephane Malhiot
Mark Skursky
Claude Bedard
Bernard Lacasse

L'equipe Endiable
Jim Iredale (Captain) jim@landmark-online.com
Clint Goyette 

Gord Bacon (Captain)
Norm Godding
Chris Pfohl
Trevor Welton
Wayne Yoshizawa

Art Barnes
Darin Banoit
Terence Courtoreille
John Nishi
Todd Pittman
Mac Stark (Captain)

Ernie Kalwa (Captain) ekalwa@sympatico.ca
Ian Scott
Arron Varga 

Stillwaters Solutions
Todd Oishi (Captain)
Brian Chan
Phil Rowley
Kathy Ruddick

VIP Casters (Van Isle Pacific)
Peter Huyghebaert (Captain)
Joie Coe
Ron Schiefke
Kevin Reid
Sunny Vanderkloof

Ernie Kalwa sent out a request for volunteers on 9 January:

"Arron Varga of Fergus and Ernie Kalwa of Elora are re-assembling their team, the Ospreys, for the 5th National Fly Fishing Championships, which will be held in September 2007 at Grand Prairie, Alberta. They are currently accepting applications from Canadian anglers wishing to compete at the tournament.

"Kalwa and Varga are active members of the Friends of the Grand River, and although each holds a day-job, they spend much of their spare time fishing the Grand and Conestoga Rivers for brown trout and smallmouth bass. Both men made it into the Top Ten during the 4th National Championships held on the Grand and Conestoga Rivers in June 2006. Kalwa has also been appointed to the Canadian National Team competing in June 2007 at the World Fly Fishing Championship in Finland. 

"The tournament at Grand Prairie will be a loch-style event (boat fishing). Kalwa and the team estimate the individual financial commitment for Ontario team members at around $2,500 including airfare, accommodation, and expenses, but they are seeking sponsorship from local organizations to reduce that cost. 

"Together with Ian Scott of Orangeville, they have openings for two anglers to complete the team for the Grand Prairie competition in September. Anyone interested in joining the Ospreys can e-mail a letter stating their interest, angling experiences and background to: info@studiospace.com, or call team captain Ernie Kalwa at (519) 846-9663."

Bob Jones
PR Geezer