Update #14 - Grande Prarie Update, New Teams

In my last update I mentioned Todd Oishi and mistakenly referred to him as being with Team Mustang. Well, he used to be. In fact he and Wayne Yoshizawa founded the Mustangs in 2005, and then helped lead it to the gold medal under the guidance of team captain Gord Bacon (Todd also won the individual gold at Campbell River). However, last year Todd decided to start a new team, which is now known as Stillwater Solutions. Mea culpa.

We have two new teams on board. Team Competition Kakisa consists of Bob Halifax, Ray Mohar, Gerry Polack, Russ Slemko, Joe Wachowich, and Ed Wachowich. Mac Stark tells me that this is a composite team of guys from the NWT and northern Alberta who fish together quite often, and Ed's role is that of team entertainment director and legal counsel. It sounds to me like they have the right attitude. The other team is the Wapiti Wingers, which is being organized by Terry

Taylor for the Grande Prairie area. As this brings us to 14 teams, a cap has been placed on any new teams for the time being. This because invitations have been sent to the USA and the UK to each enter a team, which, if accepted, will bring us to the anticipated 16 teams. In the event that either or both can't make it, the cap will be adjusted or lifted. It should be pointed out, however, that a team is not registered until the entry fee has been paid, so it's a case of first come first served.

I was recently asked why some teams must rebuild from year to year. Work commitments, economics and impending child birth have been the most common reasons given so far. Some competitors have made every event since the first one, while others have skipped a year or two before appearing again.

Recent e-mails indicate that the red tape surrounding the web site has finally been cleared, meaning that we can expect the new site very shortly.

If anyone has Wayne Pealo's current e-mail address, please zap it to me.

Bob Jones
PR Geezer