Update #2

Those of you planning to attend the En Diables Fly Fishing Club fly-fishing competition at Mont-Tremblay, Quebec, on 6 September 2006 may find Jim Iredale’s e-mail of interest (I received it this morning). A reminder that the following web sites provide excellent details about the Mont-Tremblant area, where the 2008 FFC National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium will be held:

Sorry, nothing further to report on the 2007 Alberta event, but we are working on it.


Bob Jones
PR Geezer

1 Sept 2006
Gentlemen, Fishing conditions could not be better. For the past few days we have had consistent hatches and rising fish.

I will not mention where or what they hit on as that is part of the game, but I encourage you to get out and practice for the tournament on Sept 9 2006. These 4 fish were taken from the same run between 6hr30 and 7hr45 last evening.

Tight lines,