Update #20

A new team has registered for the 5th NFFC: Team Hendersonfrom Sexsmith, Alberta, which is just 24 km north of Grande Prairie. The team consists of Hugh Henderson, Tanner Henderson, Greg Henderson, Cory Henderson and Randy Gordey, which I’m willing to bet might just have something to do with the team’s name....

Obviously believing in the old adage "If you want to get a job done give it to a busy person", president Randy Taylor has appointed Bob Sheedy as the Conservation Symposium co-ordinator. Bob promptly appointed Jack Simpson as his "junior advisor", based on the fact that he had heard vague rumours that Jack was "slightly interested in conservation matters."

Despite the fact that all of the lakes in northern Alberta are still frozen over, I recently received a request for information about practice lakes and the availability of boats. Jim Epp tells me that this is all still in the planning stages, but the information should be available within a week or so. Bob Jones PR Geezer