Update #8

I have received some comments about the lack of river venues for the 5th

NFFC at Grande Prairie, the concern being that these are supposed to mirror as closely as possible a World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium. Well, after asking around, I've come to the conclusion that Fly Fishing Canada has been following the WFFCs fairly well. Our first event had stillwater and river fishing, the second had only stillwater, the third had stillwater, river and saltwater, and this year's event was river only. Here is the list for the WFFCs since FFC became involved in 1987:

1987 England: stillwater
1988 Australia: stillwater
1989 Finland: river
1990 Wales: stillwater/river
1991 New Zealand: stillwater/river
1992 Italy: river
1993 Canada: stillwater
1994 Norway: stillwater/river
1995 Ireland: stillwater
1996 Czech Republic: river
1999 Austarlia: stillwater/river
2000 England: stillwater/river
2001 Sweden: stillwater/river
2002 France: stillwater/river
2003 Spain: stillwater/river
2005 Sweden: stillwater/river
2006 Portugal: stillwater/river

That works out to 10 stillwater/river events and nine that were one or the other. Which appears fairly even to me. Perhaps FFC President Randy Taylor summed it up best with his comment: "Yes, in a perfect world there would be a good mix of suitable lakes and rivers within a short drive at all competitions; but, unfortunately, our country isn't built like that in many places.

The teams indicating they will be present at Grande Prairie now total 10: Double Hauls, Equipe Airflo, Featherweights, Les Chiens D'eau, L'equipe Endiable, Mustang, NWT, Osprey, VIP Casters (Van Isle Pacific), and the yet-to-be-named Team X from BC.

I could almost hear the fiendish laughter as Todd Oishi e-mailed to say that Kathy Ruddick has joined him, Brian Chan and Phil Rowley on Team X. I believe that Kathy is still the highest-ranking Canadian to ever compete in a WFFC -- 10th place in Australia, 1999 -- barely edging out John Huff (Equipe Airflo), who placed 11th in New Zealand, 1991.

Some of the teams are still re-forming, with first right of refusal usually going to former team members. Once they are sorted out I will post those that are open for applicants.

Bob Jones
PR Geezer