Update #9

It didn't take long for my last update to generate some well deserved comeuppance about Kathy Ruddick and John Huff being the top Canadians at previous World Fly Fishing Championships (10th and 11th respectively). Both Paul Marriner and Randy Taylor promptly e-mailed to inform me that David Bishop placed 8th overall at the 20th WFFC in England in 2000. Randy also mentioned that Gord Bacon had placed 10th at the 13th WFFC at Kamloops in 1993. Mia culpa.

Jim Epp, president of the Peace Country Flyfishers Association, suggests that visitors should consider reading "Alberta's Trout Highway" by Barry Mitchell, along with his annual "Alberta Fishing Guide." Also recommended are "Fly Fishing Trout Lakes" by Skip Morris & Brian Chan, "Lake Fishing with a Fly" by Ron Cordes & Randall Kaufmann, "Fly Fish the Trout Lakes" by Jack Shaw, and "The Gilly" edited by Alf Davy. To those I will add "Lake Fly Fishing Strategies" by Bob Sheedy, and "Fly Fishing Canada - From Coast to Coast to Coast", in which Bob Scammell provides a treasure trove of useful information about fly fishing in Alberta.

Jim mentioned that most lakes in the area are shallow and nutrient rich, meaning lots of good trout -- along with lots of weeds. By late September, however, the water temperatures will be cooling, so some of the weed growth will have died off. "The trout should be in good condition and not too selective at that time of year," he concluded.

Jim also pointed out that while stream access for the event just didn't work out, visitors can experience some outstanding fishing before and after the competition. "Our streams are all Arctic drainage," he wrote, "so the native species are arctic grayling, bull trout and rocky mountain whitefish. There are some streams that have wild populations of rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout."

Some recommended reading for stream fishing are "Trout Streams of Alberta" by Jim McLennan, "Phenological Fly" by Bob Scammell, and the previously mentioned "Fly Fishing Canada."

If you are interested in contacting any of the 11 team organizers, these names should work (at least until I'm told otherwise):

Double Hauls: Brian Duffy brian.duffyjr@nf.sympatico.ca
Equipe Airflow: Randy Taylor rt@LWLaw.com
Featherweights: Jeanne Jenkins jeanne.lavie@pei.sympatico.ca
L'equipe EnDiable: Jim Iredale jim@landmark-online.com
Les Chiens D'eau: Tom Irvine j.tirvine@sympatico.ca
Ospreys: Ernie Kalwa ekalwa@sympatico.ca
Team Grand: Sunny Vanderkloof sunfish2222@hotmail.com
Team X: Todd Oishi toishis@uniserve.com
Mustang: Gord Bacon wgbacon@telus.net
NWT: Mac Stark mfstark@ssimicro.com
Van Isle Pacific Casters: Peter Huyghebaert pyogibear@shaw.ca

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