Fly Fishing Canada President's Message

At the Calgary Nationals 2013, I was asked to help with FFC operations and take on the role of President. At that time, Randy Taylor, John Beaven, John Nishi, Todd Oishi, and Paul Marriner, remained on the board of directors with Jack Simpson (Chairman). We are all forever indebted to Jack, without whom FFC would not exist. Over the last two years, Todd Oishi has stepped down and Donald Thom has joined the board. As much as anything, it is these people and all the other great (and fly fishing afflicted) people I’ve enjoyed meeting at national and international competitions and conservation symposia, that convinced me to jump on board.

Beyond the new volunteers, there are other changes afoot (this new website among them). But at the same time, much will remain the same at FFC. FFC will remain dedicated to:

  • conservation issues affecting anglers and the waters they fish;
  • promoting fly fishing to youth and the disadvantaged; and
  • national and international fly fishing championships and conservation symposia as a means of promoting the above priorities as well as improving our angling skills and, generally, comraderie and fellowship among anglers.

This website will always be a work in progress - if there is anything you would like added (or removed!), don’t hesitate to contact me and give me your thoughts: You can also tell me incredible lies about your latest fishing trip, but if you send us a picture or two for the FFC photo gallery, I might even believe you.

Thank you for your interest in FFC. I hope you enjoy the site and I hope to see you in Manitoba in May 2017.

Jim Iredale