Host City Announced For the 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships


January 1, 2013

Host City Announced For the 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships

Calgary, AB - Fly Fishing Canada and the NFFC Host Committee for 2013 are pleased to announce that Calgary, Alberta has been selected as the host city for the 11th Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium. The event will be held from September 23rd to 27th with participant registration opening January 2013. The highly organized host committee, a newly formed chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada chaired by Gerry Thompson, is actively assembling what will be a very memorable year.

"We are honoured to have been provided the opportunity to host the 11th Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships", says host committee chair Gerry Thompson, "The city of Calgary and the world class Bow River fishery that flows through it have a rich history within the sport of fly fishing and will prove to be the perfect host for celebrating this special gathering of the fly-fishing community. Participating fly anglers can expect nothing short of the best from this planning committee and we look forward to seeing you next September."

"We are thrilled to have Calgary as the host of our 2013 Nationals," says Fly Fishing Canada President Randy Taylor, "The strong team of volunteers that have come together to form the local organizing committee, together with Calgary's world-class fly-fishing opportunities, creates the dynamic framework for what we anticipate will be a highly successful event. We have no doubt that Calgary will deliver in spades."

Founded in 1987, Fly Fishing Canada is a not-for-profit organization responsible for providing a national competition for Canada's top competitive fly anglers. The objectives of Fly Fishing Canada's Nationals include: sharing of fly-fishing information and techniques; showcasing local conservation initiatives and achievements through the Conservation Symposium; and providing a unique opportunity for passionate anglers from across North America to gather and learn more about fly fishing and related conservation issues in a friendly environment.

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