Fly Fishing Canada Competition Overview

First and foremost, FFC competitions are held so that participants can have fun, enjoy the company of fellow competitors, improve our fishing skills and generally celebrate fly-fishing. It is also important that we all strive to minimize any possible negative effect the competition may have on the local fishery. Accordingly, all fish caught in the competition must be handled carefully and safely returned to the water as soon as possible. Only barbless hooks are permitted.

Upon registration in Fernie, all competitors will obtain a Competitors Kit which will include a copy of the rules, including any local rules and rules pertaining to practice. Boats will be made available to competitors during practice sessions prior to the competition – competition organizers will ensure each team has equal access to boats and will develop other rules pertaining to practice, in order that practice is fair for all participants.

Olympic style medals will be awarded to the three top teams - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Competitors will also be competing for the individual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Gold Medal individual winner will also be awarded the coveted Doug Austin Memorial Trophy, in memory of a beloved earlier member of FFC. As there are medals for both teams and individuals, competitors that have registered as individuals will be made up into teams of five. There is no fishing on Wednesday, Registration day.

The competition will consist of five three-hour sessions, held at four different lake venues (boat sessions) and one pond venue (bank session). Competitors will be divided into five groups, one from each team. Each group will stay together throughout the competition and always fish each venue at the same time. After each session, groups will move on to the next competition venue and fish another three-hour session. There will be two sessions on Thursday, two sessions on Friday and one on Saturday morning. The Conservation Symposium will be held on Saturday afternoon. There will be an Awards Dinner on Saturday evening.

All fishing at the lake venues will be from the boats provided at each lake and all fishing will be loch style in accordance with the FFC rules. The pond session will be fishing from the bank within your allotted area – no wading is permitted. Competition officials will be available to explain any rules that are not clear and there will be a meeting on Wednesday evening to answer any last minute questions. The rules are quite simple and easy to follow. Drogues will be provided for the competition. Transportation to and from the lakes will be provided on competition days. Team and individual results will be posted each evening.

There are magazine articles, books and websites, mainly European, that give information on loch style fishing; as a starting point you may wish to read a recent article by Neil Grosse on "Loch Style Fishing", Coach of Team Canada in Tasmania in 2001.

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Fly Fishing Canada uses the results at national competitions to help select its teams for international competitions, including The World Fly Fishing Championship and Commonwealth Championships in New Zealand in 2008.