Fly Fishing Canada President's Message

After serving eight years as a director on Fly Fishing Canada’s board of directors, I am extremely honoured and humbled to have been elected by my peers to serve as the president of this great organization.

Firstly, I would like to thank and acknowledge the following directors and past presidents who have served and volunteered countless hours of their time to help make Fly Fishing Canada and its events such great successes: Jack Simpson; Randy Taylor; John Beaven; Malcolm Stark; Paul Marriner; Gord Bacon; John Nishi; Jim Iredale; and Donald Thom.

Secondly, I would also like to welcome the following individuals who were elected to Fly Fishing Canada’s Board of Directors:  Ivo Balinov; John Beaven; Kevin Cucheron; Colin Huff; Mike Learmonth; Keefer Pittfield; Chris Puchniak; Ian Troup; and Donald Thom. I know that the new board and I will give our very best effort while we serve Fly Fishing Canada’s membership and promote fly fishing, competitive fly fishing, and conservation projects across Canada. I am very grateful to have the support of such a hard-working group of individuals by my side, to help steer and keep this well-oiled machine operating as smoothly as possible.

The new board of directors and I have made it our mission to:

·         promote fish and habitat conservation.
·         encourage more women, youths, and Millenniums to become active participants in our sport.
·         bring fly fishers from across Canada together to celebrate fly fishing through friendly-spirited competitions.
·         increase our membership and participation in the sport of competitive fly fishing.

 Thank you for visiting our website.

Todd Oishi – President of Fly Fishing Canada